Frequently Asked Questions

Why pump?

All septic systems will eventually clog and fail. By pumping the sludge (solids) from your septic tank periodically you will increase the life of your soil absorption system (leaching field). The proper maintenance of a septic system can save the homeowner considerable problems and expenses in the future.

Remember your septic system must be pumped on a regular basis (every one or two years) to ensure a long and trouble-free life. Cost for repairing a clogged system can cost you, the homeowner, thousands of dollars. Preventative maintenance on a regular basis is less expensive than a repair or a replacement of a system.

If I pump will I take out the necessary bacteria?

Biological activity in the tank is not upset by pumping; incoming sewage contains all the necessary bacteria to decompose biodegradable solids.

Is it environmentally safe?

Use only biodegradable soaps and cleaning products that contain no phosphorus. Look for “environmentally safe” or “septic system safe” products. Conserve water and spread out usage.

What about toxic chemicals?

Never allow any toxic chemicals to enter the septic system as they will kill the much needed bacteria contained therein. Examples of these are: paint thinner, gasoline (fuel), pesticides, large amounts of drain cleaners or bleach, etc.

What can I flush?

Use toilet paper that is labeled “septic system safe” or “biodegradable”. Never flush any plastics or personnel hygiene products. Prevent any cooking grease/fat/oil from entering your septic system. Use a can or jar to contain these items. DO NOT pour them down the drain.

Should I use additives?

Most systems do not require additives; your septic system contains all the necessary bacteria to break down most solids. We have not found any additives to be helpful.

Should I use a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals should not be used with a septic system, as they add large amounts of solids, which bacteria are incapable of breaking down. These machines tend to grind the food particles small enough to pass through the septic tank into the leaching field, causing permanent damage. We recommend not using a garbage disposal. If you do use a garbage disposal, you should pump your septic tank at least once a year, and expect a shorter lifespan for your system.

Should I keep my service records?

Always save your service records, as this will assist Curtis Septic Service Inc. in the diagnosis of any problems that may arise in the future.

Do I need a Title 5 Inspection?

If you are selling your house, or in some cases, increasing the size of your house the answer is yes. If you have a problem you can call Curtis Septic Service, Inc. for a free evaluation. (There may be digging or pumping charges).

How long is my Title 5 good for?

A Title 5 report is good for 2 years and if you pump once a year it will be good for 3 years.

If I call for a Title 5 am I going to be forced to fix the problem?

No – if we do a voluntary inspection, it is confidential and no report is sent to the Board of Health. Therefore, there is no enforcement. We will be able to give you advice on what is the quickest, least expensive, and legal way to repair your system.

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