Tips and Suggestions

Over 35 years of experience…

Here is some helpful advice to prolong the life and service of your septic system:

  • Pumping is the only effective way to prevent the clogging of the leach field and save the life of your septic system.
  • Use only biodegradable soaps, toilet paper and cleaning products that contain no phosphorus. Look for “environmentally safe” or “septic system safe” products.
  • Never allow any toxic chemicals to enter the septic system as they kill the much-needed bacteria contained therein. Examples of these are; paint thinner, gasoline (fuel), pesticides, drain cleaners, bleach, etc.
  • Never flush any plastics or personal hygiene products.
  • Prevent any cooking grease, fat or oil from entering your septic system. Use a can or jar to contain these items. DO NOT pour them down your drain.
  • Most systems do not require additives; household waste contains all necessary bacteria to break down most solids. We have not found these to be helpful.
  • Garbage disposals should not be used with a septic system, as they add large amounts of solids which the bacteria are incapable of breaking down. These machines tend to grind the food particles small enough to pass through the septic tank into the leaching field, causing permanent damage.
  • Do not drive heavy cars/trucks over septic system.
  • Always save your service records, as this will assist Northboro Septic Service, Inc. in the diagnosis of any problems that may arise in the future.

Common Problems

Find out about common problems that can occur with an improperly maintained septic system: